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Does hashtag activisim work? We think so. #TAKEONHATE

Posted on November 14, 2014

A news article published this week asks whether battling online anti-Muslim speech is effective through hashtag activism. The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE's answer to the question: yes, it is. 


Online activism in the form of Twitter hashtags, like #TAKEONHATE, is only one form of tackling hate speech and discrimination. However, it can leave a lasting impact. 

"Hashtags are temporary, but knowledge is not temporary… Once you learn something, you won’t forget you had that experience, that conversation," said Linda Sarsour, Campaign sponsor National Network for Arab American Communities' (NNAAC) advocacy and civic engagement director, in the Religion News Service article. 


"TAKE ON HATE. It’s still happening. It’s still wrong."

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