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What can you do when your community is wounded by tragedy?


It is difficult to believe the horrors our communities have witnessed in the past week. The recent murders of Imam Maulana Akonjee and Thara Uddin in Queens, New York and Khalid Jabara in Tulsa, Oklahoma are a grave tragedy for the Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities. These violent attacks fueled by hate against people’s ethnicity, religion, or perceived religion are on the rise. They are wounding our communities. We cannot stay silent and passive; we must take action.

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Demand justice for #OurThreeBrothers


The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE is deeply saddened  by the horrendous murders of three young Sudanese Americans in Fort Wayne, IN. The three young men, aged 17 to 23, have been identified as Mohamedtaha Omar, Adam Mekki and Muhannad Tairab.

The families of these young men are devastated by the deaths of their beloved sons, brothers and cousins, and our community grieves with them for the tragic loss of #OurThreeBrothers. Their families left their country of origin during times of civil strife, in hopes for a safe haven—now they must bury their children in a home that was meant to bring peace and safety.

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