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TAKE ON HATE supports Aasif Mandvi's 'Halal in the Family' web-series

The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE needs your support! Aasif Mandvi, actor and senior correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is introducing his new web-series Halal in the Family, a sitcom parody about an all-American Muslim family. 


Image courtesy of Halal in the Family Indiegogo Video

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Join TAKE ON HATE in supporting Aasif Mandvi's 'The Qu’osby Show'

The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE needs your support! We promise, this is going to be GOOD.AasifMandvi.jpg

Remember when Katie Couric said that American Muslims need their own Cosby Show to counter anti-Muslim bias? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart thought she was on to something, so they created a hilarious one-off sitcom parody titled "The Qu’osby Show," which premiered to much fanfare in 2011. Capitalizing on its success, Aasif Mandvi and his creative team thought to take the impact of the piece one step further. 

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Arab, Muslim American youth share stories of discrimination [VIDEO]

“I would never change my identity because who I am as a person I know I was meant to be ..."

– Ahmed Bahalwan


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White House announces task force to address hate violence

The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE welcomes the announcement by White House officials on the formation of a high-level task force to address hate violence nationwide, including violence targeting Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities. TOH_Logo_Vertical_4c.jpg

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