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Can you believe we’re already on Part 5 of our Race Identity Series?

At Race Identity Series Part 4, we learned all about colorism

With the goal of providing a healing and forward-looking space, this workshop explored the powerful ways in which colorism has affected communities of color and looked to ways in which we can heal from the psychological harm.

Young artist Khadega Mohammed 'spits truth' at Race Identity Series

These are for you! Check out our resources for the Race Identity Series

Steps for being an ally to #BlackLivesMatter

The murders of black men, women and children at the hands of police is a tragedy plaguing this country. This is a crucial time to discuss systemic racism, police violence and how we, as communities of color, can come together to support and listen to the black community. So what can we do as allies? 

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How are you privileged? Explore at Part 3 of our Race Identity Series!

5 tips for being an ally to #BlackLivesMatter

Look back at part two of our Race Identity Series! [PHOTOS]