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HBO: Cancel your Islamophobic series on Somali Americans #TakeOnHateWithAction


 Photo Credit: Engage Minnesota

TAKE ON HATE stands firmly against the proposed HBO series entitled “Mogadishu, Minnesota,” that is being piloted by Somali Canadian rapper K’naan and film producer Kathryn Bigelow. In solidarity with the Somali American community in Minnesota, TAKE ON HATE is staunchly opposed to this series and calls for it to be pulled from production to halt further stereotyping of Somali Americans, Muslim Americans and Muslim immigrants.

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The world has seen the first Refugee Olympic Team compete in the 2016 Olympics. But is it enough?

By Amal Rass


During my summer breaks growing up, I remember huddling around a small television set with my cousins at our grandparents’ home in Syria to watch the Summer Olympics. I cheered for both Team USA and the Syrian Olympic Team, feeling pride for both of my countries. This summer, I had a new team to root for: the Refugee Olympic Team. 

The Refugee Olympic Team consisted of 10 athletes: 10 refugees from four different countries. This was the first time in the 120-year history of the Olympics that refugees were not excluded from the games. One of the athletes that I couldn’t help notice was Yusra Mardini. Yusra, the only Syrian on the Refugee Olympic Team, is an 18-year-old Syrian swimmer currently living in Germany. Her swimming talent made headlines even before her debut at the Olympics. During Yusra’s escape from Syria, she swam for hours to save the sinking lifeboat that was supposed to carry her and the other refugees to safety. My fellow Americans and I were inspired by her incredible stamina and strength. How fitting that the next chapter to her story, and the next time we would hear of her, was at the culmination of her journey, as she emerged an Olympic swimmer.

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