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Mosaic: A Night of Music and Solidarity

After Inauguration Day, we are choosing to stand together in solidarity and peace while acknowledging the challenges our communities face. Join us at Mosaic: A Night of Music and Solidarity on Saturday, Jan. 21 in Dearborn, Mich. to uplift each other's spirits and build bonds that will last us through tough times. All are welcome! #TakeOnHateWithArt


The Headwrap Expo was amazing! #TakeOnHateWithArt

We had an amazing time at The Headwrap Expo! So much style, solidarity, culture and creativity. Watch our video below for highlights! #TakeOnHateWithArt

Headwraps Across Cultures & Faiths #TakeOnHateWithArt

What do you know about headwraps? Headwraps transcend cultures, continents and faiths and unite us all in humanity. Let's embrace our diversity while celebrating what we share. 

Check out this video by TAKE ON HATE and Beautifully Wrapped & The Headwrap Expo! #TakeOnHateWithArt


How this Muslim designer made history at New York Fashion Week

Tomorrow, join us for Narratives of Pain: Poetry, Art, Storytelling

Narratives of Pain: Poetry, Storytelling, Art

Filming for a #‎TAKEONHATE & The Headwrap Expo collaboration!

Young artist Khadega Mohammed 'spits truth' at Race Identity Series