is The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE?

    TAKE ON HATE, sponsored by the National Network for Arab American Communities, challenges our country’s growing prejudice and persistent misconception of Arab and Muslim Americans, Arab and Muslim refugees. It’s time to address the perception of and hateful behavior toward Arab Americans. It's time to stand up for change. It's time to TAKE ON HATE.

  • WHY

    are We Taking A Stand?

    Since 9/11, there's been a vast increase in discrimination toward the Arab American community. TAKE ON HATE moves us
    closer to being a nation that upholds dignity and equality for all – regardless of national origin, ethnicity, or religion. Our goal is to achieve meaningful social change through public education, media advocacy, policy change, and coalition building.

  • JOIN

    us as we Take Action.

    We have a responsibility as a nation to
    protect the rights of everyone – Arab Americans included. Come together to correct cultural misconceptions, change policies, and empower all Arab and Muslim Americans to celebrate their heritage without fear of discrimination.