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Looking for laughs? Watch new 'Halal in the Family' sitcom

Posted on April 13, 2015

Have you hoped that one day there would be a sitcom featuring an "all-American Muslim family"? Then you must check out Aasif Mandvi, of The Daily Show, in his newly released sitcom parody Halal in the Family



The series debuted with four short episodes each featuring a different aspect of commonly held anti-Muslim prejudice, from Muslims suspected of being government spies to a Muslim teen hiding his religious identity to run for class president — all set to a comical tone. 



The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE is a proud benefactor of this project and served on the series' advisory council. The series aims to challenge stereotypes and misinformation about Muslims and communities associated with Muslims. It's also a tool to support existing campaigns that combat Islamophobia. TAKE ON HATE and other organizations taking action against hate crimes and anti-Muslim sentiment are featured throughout the Halal in the Family website

Need another reason to watch? Halal in the Family includes memorable one-liners like this one from its episode on Halloween: "You're a ghost in a burqa. What would scare white people more than that?"

To hear more funny jokes and quips, watch Halal in the Family above and find more episodes here. Don't forget to share and tell us which episode is your favorite on Facebook or Twitter (@takeonhate).