The Issues

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The bias inherently built into standing Federal, state and local policy threatens the very nature of our democracy. We have a responsibility as a nation to protect the rights of everyone – Arab Americans included. Without significant policy change, we jeopardize the rights of all Americans.

To change policies that negatively impact the community, or support policies that proactively aid the community, TAKE ON HATE will engage in national, coordinated advocacy; organize grassroots communities to take action and build power; and lead comprehensive online action campaigns.

Policies we will work to change include:

Creating oversight over national watch-lists and creating a mechanism for being removed from those lists

Establishing a White House Task Force to Prevent and Respond to Hate Violence Targeting Arab, Hindu, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh and South Asian Communities

Conducting Congressional hearings around post 9-11 abuses and profiling, and creating an official record of those cases

Calling for the Department of Justice to investigate surveillance by local police departments

Passing the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA)

Revising the Department of Justice racial profiling guidelines

- Local policies, such as increased access to resources for the community