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Michigan Republican State Official calls Arabs “camel jockeys”

Dave Agema 

The Campaign to Take on Hate is outraged at Michigan Republican State Official Dave Agema’s unacceptable comments calling Arabs “camel jockeys.”

The Michigan Republican Party, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, must condemn Dave Agema for this blatant mocking and discrimination of the Arab American community. These are not the first anti-Arab or anti-Muslim comments that have been spewed by Mr. Agema and unless representatives of the Republican Party reprimand him for his words and actions they certainly won’t be his last.

Michigan is home to the most highly concentrated Arab American community in the entire country. Arab Americans have been instrumental in building this state, boosting the economy and working side by side with fellow Michiganites. If comments like these go unchecked in a state like Michigan, it opens the door for this acceptable bigotry in other states.

Once and for all, Arab Americans need to be treated with dignity and respect and comments such as those of Dave Agema will not be accepted or tolerated. Join us to #takeonhate by visiting our website at


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