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AAAN Town Hall on Racial Profiling in the Arab & Muslim Community of Chicagoland

Posted on August 13, 2015


Please join the Arab American Action Network's (AAAN) youth organizing program at a town hall today (Thursday, Aug. 13) for the official launch of its campaign to end racial profiling, an initiative of the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE.

The AAAN has surveyed hundreds of community members about their experiences with law enforcement; conducted its own research of local, state and federal law enforcement; met and strategized with friends and allies from Black, Latino, Asian, South Asian and other communities; and spent dozens of hours with youth, teaching and learning about community organizing.

Tonight, the AAAN will present what it has accomplished, and asks you to continue working with the campaign until racial profiling against Arabs, Muslims and everyone else is put to an end.

An initiative of TAKE ON HATE, this project is led by youth and immigrant women, two of the directly affected sectors of our community. Please attend and support this important work.