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Farmington/Farmington Hills multicultural council introduced to TAKE ON HATE

Posted on March 10, 2015


The Multicultural/Multiracial (MCMR) Community Council of Farmington/Farmington Hills was recently introduced to the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE, which strives to address issues of bias and discrimination, particularly toward Arab and Muslim Americans, and stands against bigotry toward all people.

Council members held their regular February meeting at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Mich. where Nadia Tonova—Director of the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC), which leads the Campaign—explained how and why TAKE ON HATE was started. She also shared which initiatives are the current focus, like its community conversations that offer a place to discuss the recent tragedies and string of hate crimes in North America. 

"We aren't the only community dealing with these issues," she said. 


TAKE ON HATE was also recently at Farmington Public Schools to collect stories of experiences with discrimination to empower people to speak out and make their voices heard. 

Council members ended their meeting with a tour of the Museum. Click here to see more photos from their visit.

The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE is led by the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC), a project of ACCESS. Click here for more information.