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Sample Resolution to Support the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE

Interested in having your city pass a resolution to support the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE? See our sample resolution below.


The City of ­­­­_____ passes this resolution to support the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE.

Whereas, the City of _____ supports and protects all its residents no matter their ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation, or gender; and

Whereas, we support the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE and commit to calling out hate and discrimination when we see it and help promote our core American value that no one should be targeted because of their identity; and

Whereas, public attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims are getting worse; and

Whereas, in 2010, 43% had positive attitudes towards Arab Americans, but in 2014 it declined to 32%; and

Whereas, there has been a 1600% increase since 9/11 of hate crimes toward Arab and Muslim Americans; and

Whereas, violence and hate crimes towards the Muslim and Arab community have increased, creating fearful and unstable communities; and

Whereas, TAKE ON HATE calls upon all Americans to address the current acceptability of prejudice toward Arab and Muslim Americans, to stand up against violence, and to TAKE ON HATE; and

Whereas, as public servants we have an even greater responsibility to speak out against discrimination, xenophobia and hatred because when the unacceptable becomes the norm in our society, human rights for all are threatened; and

Whereas, the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE inspires a positive perception of Arab and Muslim Americans (including Arab and Muslim refugees) and engages our non-Muslim and non-Arab neighbors to help build a greater capacity for understanding communities across the United States; and

Whereas, the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE is a national grassroots movement that promotes positive images of Arab and Muslim Americans. Standing on the side lines while fellow Americans get attacked and vilified is simply wrong and goes against everything our country stands for; and therefore be it

Resolved that the City of _____ publically endorses the mission of the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE and agrees to protect all of its citizens and families no matter their religion or ethnicity; and therefore be it

Resolved that we are proud to stand with all Americans, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, and stand against those who preach hate and incite violence.