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Take action to support Sikh American brutally attacked

Posted on September 16, 2015

Sikh father and husband Inderjit Singh Mukker was brutally attacked recently in a Chicago suburb on his way to a grocery store. The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE stood with him in condemning this attack at a press conference and rally in Chicago yesterday. 


The attacker yelled “terrorist” and "go back to your country!" at Mukker, who sustained several injuries, along with other racial slurs. He spoke about what happened before a crowd at the rally organized by The Sikh Coalition. 

"No Sikh, no American, should ever fear a simple trip to the grocery store. I was attacked because of my brown skin, turban and beard. I was assaulted in my car because I am a Sikh," he said at the rally.

Click here to see video of the press conference. 

Thanks to more than 12,000 supporters who signed a petition, a hate crime charge has finally been filed against Mukker's assailant. However, this incident is not isolated. Hate is prevalent now more than ever. You can help #TAKEONHATE by taking action now. 

From The Sikh Coalition:

1) Urge your member of congress to co-sponsor H-Res. 413, a resolution honoring the victims of post-9/11 hate crimes, by clicking here to send an email. 

2) As Mukker recovers, we ask individuals of all backgrounds, to express solidarity by clicking here to send a message to him.  Alternatively, you can mail a card to the Sikh Coalition’s office at Inderjit Singh Mukker c/o The Sikh Coalition, 50 Broad Street, Suite 1537, New York, NY 10004.

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