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THIS WEEKEND: Metro Detroiters to unite for service and justice

Posted on October 06, 2015

When faced with negativity, it is up to us to focus on the positive. We the undersigned organizations stand together to support the following community based projects that promote service and justice in the name of unity. We stand together against hate.  We encourage you this weekend to stand with us in serving the community, supporting our youth's dreams of being leaders, discussing how to combat hate-filled movements and helping to make our neighborhoods beautiful.

We hope you and your family and friends in Michigan will join us this weekend at one or more of the empowering and impactful events happening right here in metro Detroit (listed below). Join us!


Campaign to TAKE ON HATE

Michigan Muslim Community Council

Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion

Michigan United

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Michigan

Interfaith Center for Racial Justice (ICRJ)

American Civil Liberties Union-Michigan

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Michigan

Welcoming Michigan - Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

Arab-American Civil Rights League 


Michigan United Convention


Click flyer above for more info.

The annual Michigan United convention — Saturday, Oct. 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Hall (4500 Wesson, Detroit) — is an opportunity to highlight and reflect on the efforts achieved  over the past year in bringing us closer to attain justice and together, build the way forward for the year to come. This year, MI United  has invited many of our elected officials so they can hear our voice and see our power as we demand better lives for our communities.

There will be many phenomenal workshops for you to sharpen your analysis and learn about critical new issues. Our very own TAKE ON HATE representatives will lead a workshop called #NotMyAmerica. The goal is to bring our voices in combating anti-black, Muslim, immigrant, Latino, refugee sentiment together to discuss challenges our communities are facing and how presidential candidates’ racist statements play a role.

Take advantage of this free opportunity! Click here to register for the convention:


“You Should Run for President” Youth Dialogue


Click flyer above for more info.

Day of Dignity - Detroit


Click flyer above for more info.

DREAM Neighborhood Wide Tree Planting Day


Click flyer above for more info.