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Race Identity Series: Anti-Racism 101

Posted on May 18, 2016


The Race Identity Series, presented by TAKE ON HATE and the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, explores the development of racialized communities—with a focus on Black, Arab and South Asian Americans—to uncover themes of racial formation, internalized racism and intercultural conflict. Utilizing a mix of short informative presentations and workshop exercises that include dialogue, storytelling and art, each interactive session (six in total) provides an introductory-level workshop that explores how to uproot racism and  foster multi-racial alliances.

I.  Anti-Racism 101 — May 26, 2016 (see photos below)

Participants learned about systematic racism and bigotry in the context of critical race theory and human rights law, and learned skills to begin countering racism and engaging in deeper, more genuine solidarity work. The first workshop's goals were to:

  • Understand critical race theory, not just as theory but also legal and practical solutions to address racial disparities.
  • Define internalized, interpersonal and institutional racism and reflect on the ways in which the three  I’s of racism interplay. Understand how dominant narratives allow for the perpetuation of racist policies and practices that lead to real-world consequences.
  • Reflect on the effects of systemic racism in your lives to consider the ways in which you can challenge racism and build multi-racial coalitions to counter racial disparities.

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