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What can you do when your community is wounded by tragedy?

Posted on August 17, 2016


It is difficult to believe the horrors our communities have witnessed in the past week. The recent murders of Imam Maulana Akonjee and Thara Uddin in Queens, New York and Khalid Jabara in Tulsa, Oklahoma are a grave tragedy for the Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities. These violent attacks fueled by hate against people’s ethnicity, religion, or perceived religion are on the rise. They are wounding our communities. We cannot stay silent and passive; we must take action.

Here is what you can do:

  • Support the families of the victims. Think of what they must be going through and support them in their time of need. Click here to support the families of Imam Maulana Akonjee and Thara Uddin and here to support the family of Khalid Jabara.
  • Organize a community conversation to offer a place to discuss the recent tragedies. TAKE ON HATE field organizers are available to assist you directly in the metro Detroit, New York and Chicago areas. If you’re not in one of those cities, you can still be involved by organizing your own community conversation. It’s easy! This toolkit will give you an outline of what to do. Then, simply register your conversation here and we will contact you to provide additional support.
  • Practice self-care and share methods of healing. When your community faces continuous discrimination and acts of violence, it affects you to your core. None of us are unaffected by oppression or above the collective trauma faced by communities of color. For help with processing the recent hate crimes, click here for some useful resources on healing practices.
  • Join the #SolidarityIs Twitter town hall tomorrow to discuss the wave of hate violence affecting Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities. Our communities are hurting. Let’s come together to strategize and heal. Join us tomorrow (Thursday) at 1 p.m. EST using #SolidarityIs on Twitter.

We know you want to take action. Lend your voices to our fight against hate and bigotry toward all people. Together, we can make an impact.

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